It’s been a long time coming and is been well overdue but it’s finally here. Mr Bu Bu Bang has finally released his debut album “El Clasico”. On the eve of Fekky’s release of his debut album the energitic South London rapper gave a interesting interview on NFTR. Fekky discusses various topics in the interview from the El Clasico album to Wiley being the first MC to embrace him and take him on tour to making the transition from the road to music.

In a previous post I mentioned there was often confusion as to whether Fekky was a Grime or Hip Hop artist. To me there is no confusion but I can see why some may think he is a Grime artist. Fekky touched on it on his NFTR interview. He stated that he grew up on Grime and the energy he brings is usually associated with Grime hence why the scene embraces him. When you listen to El Clasico from start to finish you will clearly hear he is a UK rapper that makes rap music.

El Clásico has 18 tracks and I’m glad to say that two of my favourite tracks Gossip and Mad Ting, Sad Ting have made it on there.  The production on the album is quality and the vibe of the album has that energy we’ve come to know Fekky for.

Is it a classic? It’s too early to say however, on the first listen i think the album is hard, but I’m going to have to listen a few more times to really take it in before I come to that conclusion.

Check out Fekky’s most recent track ‘Avirex’ right here on BackstAAAge. Stream or purchase El Clasico here.


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