Last night I had the pleasure of attending the CHIP show at KOKO. Along with plenty of guests and friends of the Grime MC the show was nothing short of good energy and good vibes.

Coming all the way across London I arrived at the show just before Chip took the stage and so missed out on the opening act who was rapper Suspect. I arrived in time to catch DJ Corey as he played tunes that hyped the crowd up playing bangers and setting the vibes ahead of CHIP.  After a brief set the lights went down and the scene was set for Chip to take the stage.

With the set consisting of songs mainly from his latest album League of My Own 2 Chip performed tracks such as Snap Snap, Confirmed, Like This, Amazing Minds, Hit Me up Honestly, 34 shots and much more.

Normally when I expect to see surprise guests at a show I always expect to see 2 or 3 people max which tends to be the case. However, such was not the case with Chip who seemed to bring out everybody that had featured on a track with him.

As you would imagine each time somebody new came out the crowd went wild. The best part, however, had to be towards the end of the night when some of the artist were crowd surfing and the  the guest got together for an old skool eskimo style set which included the likes of Stormzy, Double E, Ghetts, JME and more.

Its hard to say what the highlight of the night was because there was so much that went on. Aside from bringing on what seemed to be like everybody in Grime and UK Rap including artists such as Ghetts, Giggs, Kojo Funds, Stormzy and so much more Chip really came through with a killer show.

Overall the show was definitely one that I enjoyed. Chip did nothing to disappoint the crowd and really brought a show that had everybody still buzzing with energy even after the lights came up.


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