There was a period in time where Giggs was not allowed to perform in the UK. All his shows were being cancelled by the authorities. Where others would have given up the love Giggs has for music kept him going. This wasn’t the first time the authorities tried to shutdown an act from the our scene, So Solid Crew had their issues and unfortunately for them It put a hold on the crews career as a collective. Fortunate for  South London Rapper Giggs it had the reverse affect, instead of his career coming to an end it just made him bigger.

Fast forward, Giggs was given the green light to put on a UK tour. The Landlord tour is probably the most important tour to have happened in the UK on so many levels. It sends a powerful and positive message to the authorities that someone from Giggs’ background can change their life around if given the chance.

The Landlord tour was a tour not to be missed and those that did miss it I know you felt the pain, especially seeing your timeline on Instagram and twitter full of clips from the show. Check it out here!

As it was such an important event and not everyone got to be there live, Giggs has dropped ‘Landlord Tour The Movie’. In this movie you get to see what happened BackstAAAge, sound checks, performances in various cities, vibes, jokes and you get to hear some of the back stories on how artists met Giggs.

It’s a great watch, so make sure you have your popcorn to hand and enjoy this 1hr 20 minute movie!


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