There’s a brunch for everyone but none more in keeping with than the UKG Brunch located at one of Camden’s hotspots Proud Camden, and catered by the masters of chicken Bird.

Ready to relive your garage fantasies, don your Moschino jeans and Avirex jackets? Yeah I never had either of those garms either but you understand the look I’m going for. Combining some of my personal favourite things- daytime drinking, daytime dancing, old skool garage and fancy dress, UKG Brunch is going to be an afternoon to remember (providing you don’t go overboard with the 90 minutes of unlimited rum punch.. Say what?!) Yes I did categorically state that there will be one and a half hours of boozy times but it gets better.

The shenanigans will go on for 5 hours, beginning at 12 until 5 (if you can keep up with the pace.) Depending on your selected rave date and you can expect PA’s from Garage legends such as DJ Luck & MC Neat, Artful Dodger, MC Creed & Pied Piper, Romeo & So Solid Twins,  Artful Dodger and DJ Cartier, but dates are selling out faster than sovereigns rings used to back in the day, which leads me onto an important factor.

** The Motive- get behind the UKG theme**


Forgot try hard brunches sipping bellinis, eating minimalistic entrees, listening to non apparent background music and instead opt for non pretentious fun. Re-live the best music from your younger years and ensure your stomach is lined with well marinated and flava flavoured chicken from the bad boys who do chicken in every way imaginable.   

Early bird tickets start from £35 and are on sale now-  


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