Oiiiiii so news has reached us that Lovebox has a new home and we’re not exactly sure how to react. The Victoria Park based summer festival is spreading its wings and relocating to Brixton’s Brockwell Park; a park that has recently homed Sunfall and Found Festival. Don’t get us wrong, Brixton is thriving and one of the South West spots to be seen but we can’t help but mourn the loss of all the great times we’ve experienced in East London… but as some of you might of heard, a fresh festival has taken their place and maybe even the hearts of one of our favourite parks… we’ll come back to that in a mo.

On the move? Lovebox has got a pretty major following! Every since I went, the first time selling lanyards as sharpish as I could, hugging it out until I could party with the rest of the best (we all have to start somewhere,) I’ve been year after year, eventually working backstage in social media marketing and I’ve had some mad moments. There’s always been an iconic countdown to what I would quote as one of the best festivals in London and one that has stood the test of time in an environment where festivals’ are shutting down and moving on.

Varied and diverse, Lovebox has always had something for everyone and they could have gripped us without name nor try hard hysteria, yet they’ve had one of the most loyal followings, so it will be interesting to see how this goes down;  after all people were divided when Bestival uprooted from the Isle of Wight to East Lulworth (…where is that even?!) It’s Dorset FYI!

So how are you lot feeling? Maria Chelsea from London said “I’m fuming, its the end of an era, coming from South London, Lovebox is an East London tradition.” We feel that sentiment Maria, we really do and we’re still a little shell shocked but we’re working on it.

What on earth? What the flaming beef!? Well basically Lovebox is moving and at first we thought it was due to a new festival hailed as the British Coachella, All Points East but ermm they’re not even the same weekend so just hold up before you cuss them.

Jessica Wilde from Vauxhall was all like “What? Serious? That’s the worst decision they could have made,” so far, not so good on the feedback but maybe we should give them a chance. The thing about Lovebox is, there really is a whole lot of love, I’ve been year upon year and I’ve ended up in the craziest situations with new random friends, so as long as that mentality stands then they’ll be no issue. On the plus side, us Southerners have an easier time getting home without all that gridlock you’ve no doubt experienced but it’s going to take some getting used to.

Another plus for those pulling serious screw face right now, early bird tickets are out and at £39.50 here: Is it just us or is this the cheapest they’ve ever gone for?


There is one thing for certain, they’ve always secured some heavy names, so we’re going to put our faith, love and trust in Lovebox in 2018.


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