Every now and again I’m left reeling at the announcement of a new festival, firstly it means there’s a possibility of dates clashing (that’s unless you can afford helicopter rides across the UK, or you are prepared to adult and make a decision.) Then the secondary moan is that sometimes it seems like festivals are carbon copies of others, with no imagination and nothing new to offer.

El Dorado is a festival I’m pleased to say has stepped outside that copy cat box, presented by Cirque Du Soul and taking place between 30th June- 3rd July at Eastnor Castle Deer Park, Herefordshire, we’re rather excited to see what’s on offer. Think Cirque Du Soleil but then add some soul, singing and sick musicians. Who need’s Zippos circus when you’ve got El Dorado Festival; combining your favourite artists with fire breathers, contortionists, trapeze artists and stilt walkers. It’s like two events for the price of one, right!?

Over 5,000 dwellers will up sticks and leave for a more mythical land in the West Midlands. Swapping excel sheets for fashion parades, mind numbing meetings for fairground rides, telephone call backs for comedy shows and reports for fireworks, live art and open mic sessions. Whatever your line of work, you can be sure you won’t have a second to think about it with El Dorado’s mix of arts, crafts and music. Seven stages will welcome 90 acts and the names alone conquer up excitement, stages include: Treasure Island, The Garden, The Lost Ruins, Cirque Du Soul, The Boudoir and The Holy Bale. Now I don’t know about you but those are some serious themes, something that screams “mate let’s do fancy dress every bleeding day!” A festival to let go of your inhibitions and to revert back to child’s play, we can’t to get stuck in… and who will be the soundtrack for this colourful occasion?

The warm up welcomes Groove Armada, Jax Jones, Crazy Cousinz, Artful Dodger and The Heatwave to the promise land. Now the gates are fully opened and who do we hear inside the garden? Well it’s only SG Lewis, Zak Abel and Bondax, but don’t make yourself comfortable because across the lost ruins Klose One and Dusky need some rescuing. Next meet characters Redlight and My Nu Leng before retreating to the holy bale with Congo Natty and Channel One. Ready to set off again? We’re sure you’ve got the stamina for another day of celebrations, and who wouldn’t fancy a bit of Artwork, AJ Tracey, Shy Fx, The Sugarhill Gang and Stamina MC?

Relatively freshed face, having celebrated four years, festival Co- founder Luke Wolfman has promised this year to be better and bolder than the last!  We’ll hold you to that one Wolfman.


You know it’s a good festival when you’re dead set on seeing artist upon artist but along the way you venture into the unknown. We’re intrigued by the mass dance challenge, the space hopper circuit, the ballers pit and blindate. You just know that things are going to get a bit crazy and that these are what memories are made of! Some of you might want to take it a bit easier, and if that’s you then you’re a better person than we are. May we introduce you to morning yoga, sunrise drum circle and to the mobile massage parlour, or if you just want to carry on like the music never died there’s rave aerobics, and for those wanting to chill you’ve got hammock heaven and morning cinema.


So what are you waiting for? Let El Dorado cure the insanity of everyday life and propel you into a wondrous dream; we truly believe you’ll come for the music but stay for the adventure! Tickets are available here: eldoradofestival.com with day tickets from £45 and weekend camping at £110.
Follow the footsteps of El Dorado Festival with the hashtag #ElDoradoFestival


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