The first time I came across Loyle Carner was in the early hours of the morning on a Channel 4 show called ‘Future Sounds’ which was hosted by BBC 1 Xtra’s MistJam. First thoughts were finally a breath of fresh air – a rapper from South London whose content wasn’t the same as many rappers from a similar place. Instead of talking about guns and drugs which might be the reality of some of these rappers, he was talking about the everyday things that go on in his life. He was unapologetically speaking his truth – which I connected with due to the honesty.

I feel its important to write posts and show support to all talent especially those that are making huge moves around the world but don’t seem to be making as much noise here at home. It’s important we shed light on all aspect of our culture and spread the love.

Loyle Carner’s dates for his UK tour ‘Yesterday’s Gone’ have been released. If you want to see another side to Hip Hop and your open to an alternative to ‘Road Rap’ buy a ticket to this rapper’s tour.

You can catch him in the following areas Dublin, Glasgow, Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham, Bristol, London, Portsmouth, Norwich, Exter, Nottingham and Manchester. For our international readers he will be in Australia and in the US from April to May. So make sure you buy your tickets here.


Just in case you haven’t heard him spray some bars I have decided to post this throwback of Loyal Carner’s debut on Charlie Sloth’s ‘Fire in the Booth’. Big up Charlie Sloth for given rappers like Loyle Carner the chance to speak their truth. He even raps over a classic Kano track from ‘Home Sweet Home’.

Check it out above and tell us what you think. Also as an added treat check out his debut Album  ‘Yesterday’s Gone’ below.


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