If you know me by now you know I love that heart felt music. Whether it makes you cry, gets you thinking or makes you laugh. As long as it evokes emotion then its right up my street. Speeding does just that. I heard it a few weeks ago but didn’t take it in at the time. Like I usually do when an artist drops new material I tend to go back and listen to their back catalogue. When I came across ‘Speeding’ and heard the ET sample I thought I need to pay attention. For those of you that don’t know ET he is motivational speaker and you can find a lot of his talks on Youtube. Click here for the full version of the one used in this video. Dutch definitely spits that realness and pain in this track. “You ain’t been where I been, four walls and that ceiling, did so many years in her majesty’s pleasure not once did I tell on anyone for freedom, not once did I grab that rope and try to end it”. He goes hard!!! The East London rapper is very active at the moment. He recently released the video to his new track ‘Feel The Same‘ which you can watch here. Like true BackstAAAge fashion it’s Monday so you know what time it is ‘Track of The Week“. This week is Dutch with ‘Speeding’. Check it out and let us know your thoughts. Is he one of the hardest out?  


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