Super Neut Avirexxx! A lot of you might be too young to remember these lyrics but if you’re not shouts out to you. Many of you would of heard of Neutrino from his track ‘Bound 4 Da Reload’ which sampled the ‘Casualty’ theme song or know of him being apart of the legendary Sosolid Crew.

But because I’m old skool I remember Neutrino from Supreme Fm 96.1 ‘Living Legends’ days. I can give you a history lesson but we’ll be here all day, just know I’m rating this move by Fekky.

This aint the first time Fekky has collobarated with a old skool legend. The South London rapper managed to get Grime’s Boy In Da Corner Dizzee Rascal to feature on Still Sittin Here a few years ago which was epic stuff!

Avirex has a nostalgic feel, from Neutrino and Fekky in a old skool radio setting, to all three artist on the track wearing Avirexs. Listen, if you had an Avirex jacket back in the day you were defiantly the guy all I’m saying is I had one!

When you hear Fekky’s verse it takes you back to an era when people were wearing pattern Mosh heading down to Trocadero and shopping in Probito’s for the latest designer gear. However, when you hear Chip you are hearing an artist who seems to have found his hunger. Chip is just a beast when it comes to Grime and there’s not many messing with him.

This weeks Track of the Week is Fekky – Avirex Ft Neutrino & Chip. Check out the video above and let us know if you’re feeling this track if you’re looking forward to El Clasico!


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