Last year produced a new crop of hip-hop talent. We witnessed the ascendance of new rappers like 21 Savage and Lil Yachty. 2017 is not any different; new contenders are already emerging. It’s undeniable that UK hip hop is having a well-deserved moment, with artists like A2 (singer and all round artist hailing from South London) making a charge.

A2 has put Britain’s hip-hop scene on the map with an authentically homegrown sound. With roots firmly planted in the grime scene, A2 has been tipped as the creator of a whole new sound, which has in time become far more prominent across the board in urban music. Many hip hop fans argue that his prowess is comparable to none; it shines through in his skillful lyrics and the messages he delivers to them.

If you haven’t  listened to his music, his track “I kept pushing it back because it didn’t feel right, but now I’ve got eight songs done, and it’s the best music I’ve made,” would be an excellent beginning point for you. It rocks! The freshness of his voice hits like a blast of cool air!

I believe it’s this melodic and emotive style that was the basis of him recently being announced as Disturbing London’s latest signing. Consequently, the team at Disturbing London has been dancing to A2 sign- they have been managing his 360 services, including publishing and production of the highly anticipated LP ‘Blue’ that went viral soon after it’s release in summer 2016.

With a critically acclaimed reputation from last year, it’s no secret that he won’t have any trouble making an impact this year. His ability to looks like nobody else, sound like nobody else and perform like nobody else, might just be all he needs to have a crack at making it through the white noise in 2017.

As usual, it would be nice to hear your thoughts on A2’s music. His fans describe him as an incredibly talented rapper and the future of UK hip hop. Do you agree with this argument? Does his music feel very real, very fresh, and very new as his fans put it? Leave your comments below.


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