Kerb your enthusiasm? Never! Last weekend we not only visited Upminster for We Are Fstvl but we also went to Peckham to see what Kerb’s Jam On Rye was all about. Now the guys at Kerb to put it quite simply are the best of London’s Street food, they head around to lots of famous markets and get us drooling over their insta worthy food pics. Now I’m a bit of a foodie myself so when I heard that loads of food stalls would be within my clutch but also that David Rodigan was going to be there, well I jumped at the chance to go.

I would describe this festival as being extremely child friendly and god knows that I have no babies but this didn’t stop the smiley, happy and relaxed feel (I didn’t notice any toddler tantrums, must have been all the gelato from Nonna.) We stayed predominantly at the Reggae Roast stage which had a plethora of guests to jam alongside the many DJ’s that played. As the sun scorched, the food stalls were surrounded by people eager to get a bite of their many dishes but the only downfall was that with this being the first festival, I don’t think they realised just how much a small area of Peckham Rye Common could consume and so by 5:30pm food was becoming scarce. Fortunately I was here to relax and dance like a hippy, which was a world away from our day ay We Are Fstvl where people were jumping up and down erratically.

So did David Rodigan deliver? Probably the most stupid question to ever be asked, of course he did. As he took us on a trip of Jamaican music with the likes of Bob Marley (Could You Be Loved & Is This Love That I’m feeling?), Marcia Aitken (I’m still in love with you,) Toots & The Maytals (Monkey Man) and Dawn Penn (No No No,) as he mashed up Reggae classics and moved the tempo into Jungle, Rodigan was ready to bring Reggae into current day. Always one to teach his audience some Reggae knowledge and history, it was also nice that he featured some non Dancehall tracks that included The Fugees and Alicia Keys. It seemed the crowd had been saving their energy for Rodigan’s set as the surrounding stage area become fuller and more vigorous. Shout out to MC Natty Campbell who supplied skilled vocals against tunes spun by Clifford Junior and others.  

After Rodigan’s set we were enticed to watch the legend that is Horace Andy as he sang alongside an amazing live band… it was enough to make the older ladies in the audience push to the front. What a swooner!

Over at the Wormfood stage a lady that goes by the name of Mim Suleiman uplifted us with her sound that fused House, Funk and Soul (just for starters) with her African sound. We might not have understood those African lyrics but when it comes to music you don’t need to know what’s being said, sometimes you just feel that energy within the good vibrations.


We thank you Kerb for the best jam on the rye! Until next time.


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